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Hetearina americana  (43) Millers River, Athol Ma - August 14, 2005 - Shelley Hight and Dave Small

Male American Rubyspot

Female American Rubyspot


Hetearina americana, (4) Millers River, Erving/Montague, Ma - August 13, 2005 - Mark Fairbrother

Male American Rubyspot


Hetearina americana, 1 female caught by Beth Barnes, Westfield River Huntington Ma August 18, 2005

Female Rubyspot

Beth at one of the Rockier Locations we've Found Rubyspots during the survey


H. americana, 1 female photographed by Mark Fairbrother, Millers River, Orange Ma August 20, 2005


This interesting damselfly photographed by Mark Fairbrother on the Millers is an Eastern Forktail Ischnura verticalis. The green thoracic stripes look like those of the Fragile Forktail Ischnura posita. The blue spots on segments S-8 and S-9 help to confirm the ID. This aberrant patterning is mentioned in several of the guidebooks. This is just another exception to the rule to keep in mind when identifying Odonata.


Hetearina americana  (60) Millers River, Athol Ma - August 26, 2005 - Tom Murray and Dave Small


The Perils of Odonate searching
September 3, 2005
It was a lovely late summer day as more than a dozen ABNC members and friends embarked on a search of the Millers River in Athol for American Rubyspots, Arrow and Zebra Clubtails.
The river is wide relatively shallow and easily waded during the late summer when water levels remain low.
Complacency should not be allowed to rule as we wade these familiar tranquil waters. At least if your taking pictures along the way. A dark stone perhaps 2 feet in diameter lurked beneath the dark waters.
A slight stumble and a rather large splash followed.

Waterproof Binoculars, Write in the Rain Notebook Timex expedition watch, and a Samsung Cell phone in an interior pocket, all faired well.
Alas, the trusty Konica Minolta Z3 digital Camera although seemingly unscathed did not make it though the experience.
I will miss the year old tool. But I now have to learn the ins and outs of a brand new Sony DSC H-1
with 5.1 megapixel 12X optical zoom.
I'll try to keep this one above water at least until the next camera I want is produced
image by Tom Murray

Hetearina americana , South Branch of the Pawtuxet River, Coventry RI September 4,2005 
Countless numbers observed from canoe Michelle St. Sauveur


Hetearina americana - August 16th 2005 Norton Massachusetts observed by Jennifer Carlino

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