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American Rubyspots Tully River August 30, 2006

This section of the Tully river is directly upstream of the Confluence with the Millers River where there has been a strong population of American Rubyspots the ABNC has been following for many years. The interesting thing is I had never paddled up over the beaver dams in this area and when Bruce Wilson ventured up here the other day we immediately began to see American Rubyspots.  These are the first American Rubyspots reported from the Tully River (out of sight of the Millers Confluence).
The interesting thing here is the size of the river and the substrate. The Tully runs about 20 feet wide in this area meandering back and forth through the flood plain behind the Cass Meadow Wildlife Management area. There are occasional wide areas and backwaters where remnant beaver dams have had their influence. The current is swift and the channel can be as much as 5 feet deep or as shallow as a few inches. Note the area is in full sunlight in the wet shrub meadow. This opens up some more areas to explore in my search

These four images by Bruce Wilson

American Rubyspots Tully River September 5, 2006

Dave Small in an "Ocean kayak - Prowler 13" on Tully River

Common Spreadwing - Lestes rectangularis

Above: A male American Rubyspot
Right:    A Female American Rubyspot


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